Rio Del Mar Real Estate

Looking for that beautiful beachfront property in Santa Cruz County? Well you have come to the right place. Rio Del Mar has the largest inventory of beachfront properties. In Rio Del Mar you will find elegant waterfront homes, gorgeous golf course homes surrounded by greens, and homes on the bluff with ocean views that will take your breath a way. The largest stretch of waterfront homes are located in Rio Del Mar. Whether you are looking for a modern condominium or a home the Coastal Bay Team can help you.

Beachfront Property

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About Rio Del Mar

Rio Del Mar is a beautiful beach community in Santa Cruz County located between Seacliff and Seascape. Home to approximately 9,000 residents, Rio Del Mar is a relatively quiet residential area just 20 minutes south of Santa Cruz. Rio del Mar is literally a place recognized as a "river to the sea," as its name denotes where a river flows from the Aptos Mountains down to the beach.

Beachfront Property

Rio Del Mar offers one of the largest stretches of beach in Santa Cruz County featuring both older single detached and multi-family homes and condominiums to beautiful modern ones on the bluffs overlooking the ocean. Due to such a lengthy stretch of beach Rio Del Mar has the greatest number of beachfront homes. You will be amazed with the variety of properties on the waterfront that offer breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Let alone having the beach right off the front deck or just across the street.

Although, Rio Del Mar found its origins as a golf course resort community it has expanded to a vast beachfront community lined with lovely Cypress trees.

Rio Del Mar Real Estate

Popular attractions that are convenient to Rio Del Mar include the Seascape Golf Club, the Seascape Resort, and Seacliff State Beach. Plus plenty of shopping and dining spots throughout the area. Rio Del Mar Beach is notable for its clean white sand and medium sized waves, which are perfect for body boarding or surfing. Although many residents also enjoy kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, golfing, sailing, camping, kiteboarding and skateboarding. Just to name a few of the activities you could be enjoying in Rio Del Mar.

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